Clinical Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a deep form of soft tissue work that can be applied in both the sporting and non-sporting context.


It consists of a variety of techniques that bring soft tissue into their balanced form. For example deep tissue massage will be combined with Neuromuscular and Soft Tissue Release techniques to relax the muscles. Then Muscle Energy Techniques will be used to stretch and set them in the correct balanced position for peak performance.


Sports Massage can be used to prevent injury and help athletes achieve peak performance as well as supporting and speeding the healing of injuries.


Every day life puts strain on the soft tissue - driving, computer work and gravity alone all put day to day strain on our muscles, therefore sports massage is appropriate for all in need of soft tissue work irrespective of activity level, age or gender.


The key to a successful Sports Massage is the knowledge of anatomy by the therapist. In understanding the actions of individual muscle and muscle groups the therapist can  release and return them to their balanced form. This knowledge is a differentiator from a Sports Massage therapist and a massage therapist.


The benefits of Sports Massage are immeasurable:-


  • Greater flexibility and range of movement

  • Increased usage of available muscles

  • Improved performance

  • Improved self awareness

  • Fine tuning of training

  • Functional muscles balance

  • Improved fluid movement

  • Pain reduction

  • Appropriate psychological stimulation

  • Greater energy

  • Improved recovery

  • Injury prevention


The effects are two fold as it is believed that sports massage works both mechanically and reflexively:


  • Massage works the skin, fascia, muscle and connective tissue, which softens, lengthens and stretches the soft tissue. The results of which are greater flexibility and mobility.

  • Reflexively it works to relax the mind and body and promote endorphin production, (natural painkillers). Massage is also a mood elevator.

  • In addition there are strong benefits to the skeletal system, cardiovascular system, nervous system, lymphatic system, digestive and urinary systems.

  • A balanced body is a muscularly pain free body.


Sports Massage does not need to be a painful experience.  The depth of treatment should be adjusted to each individual’s preference.  Pain is not an indicator of gain.











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